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Immerse yourself in our geothermal waters that have naturally risen to the earth’s surface on the site for centuries. Our water is infused with natural minerals and trace elements which detoxify the body and rejuvenate the spirit.

High in mineral content, our water comes straight from the earth’s core directly below New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Maruia Hot Springs is a sulphur spring with a pH of 7.3.

The average source temperature of our water is 56℃ and is classified as true artesian mineral springs. We then cool water to between 37℃ and 42℃ for bathing. Our pool water is always fresh as on average 500,000 litres of natural geothermal water flows through our pools daily and is never recirculated.

Maruia Hot Springs is proud to provide bathers an authentic, natural and pure thermal mineral water experience.

mineral content

natural thermal springs

Maruia Hot Springs natural thermal mineral springs rises to the surface at about 56℃ and is then directed into pools for guests to enjoy the bathing benefits and natural goodness of the earths heated springs. We provide a pure chemical free natural bathing experience. Our water is alive.

fresh mountain water

Maruia Hot Springs electricity for its saunas, heating and buildings is produced onsite by our own hydro power generator. We are a true eco-resort as we are completely off the grid, furthermore our internet is provided by satellite and telephone is provided by radio link.

our water is alive and living

Hot Springs waters with a high mineral content like Maruia Hot Springs often contain a plethora of dissolved minerals that are infused as the waters rise up from beneath the earths surface. These dissolved minerals often create distinct and unusual water colours and habitats for often medicinally beneficial extremophile algae’s.

At Maruia Hot Springs you will often find our unique “black algae,” which scientific tests confirm has similar health and wellbeing attributes to the superfood Spirulina. We encourage guests to rub “black algae” on their skin to benefit from its many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and chlorophyll.

During your visit it is not uncommon for our pools to change colour throughout the day, from clear, crystal green, milky grey to jet black.


Water has long been harnessed to encourage physical and emotional well-being. Across the world, and throughout decades, water therapies and facilities have contributed to creating wellness experiences that provide lasting physical and mental health benefits. Our waters are an oasis of calm healing.

  • improves sleep
  • reduces stress & anxiety
  • improves circulation
  • helps with arthritis and sore muscles and joint

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