Find your balance

Modern lives are stressful. As we attempt to juggle everything we often leave ourselves out.

Using the healing powers of natural waters you will find your balance at our unique hot springs resort. Our facilitators will help you connect your true self and take you on a journey of wellness that equips you with practical tools for living well.

This 3-day immersion will open you to increased levels of energy and vitality and leave you feeling hydrated, relaxed and transformed.

This retreat into the heart of pure New Zealand is a great investment into your personal wellbeing.

SOUTH ISLAND NEW ZEALAND // April 8th – 11th 2018

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Wellness Retreat Includes

Meet our wellness team


program facilitator

Anna has experienced a number of tragedies, misfortune and chaos in her life and has used life’s setbacks as a springboard to reinvent herself.  Anna uses her life stories to inspire, connect and motivate others from being busy and exhausted into more reflective, peaceful and fulfilled lives.

With a degree in HR Management and Marketing and a holistic health coach Anna offers a unique mix of business, psychology, mindfulness, storytelling and spirituality.  Anna has incorporated all of her skills and life experiences to create a highly successful life coaching business which offers 1;1 coaching, small group coaching and community events.  Anna is on a mission to help others redesign their lives from the inside out and live a simpler, more soulful life.


program facilitator

From a young Kim has been interested in health and wellness, during the Canadian summers she grew herbs in her parents garden, then after gaining her bachelor of science degree she spent a decade as an agronomist for a New Zealand vegetable seed company and teaching yoga. In 2005 Kim completed her Hatha Yoga training in Mexico that includes an influence of Iyengar and Vinyasa.

More recently Kim has been using her passion for quality food into delivering a nutritional menu at Maruia Hot Springs. She has found herself reconnected to her early passions for personal wellbeing, and now enjoys sharing her experiences and energy to enhance and support others to improve their life and personal wellbeing.

James White

program facilitator

As a child, Jame’s parents showed him that spending time in the mountains can help with inner peace, harmony and enhanced personal wellbeing. Since then James has traveled extensively, including undertaking a project to define global best practice in the hot springs industry, which analysed how industry creates, delivers and captures wellness. This research has taken him to 22 countries and 140 of the best hot springs in the world.

Now back in the same mountains that he grew up in, James leads a creative team that is redeveloping and transforming Maruia Hot Springs into an iconic and innovative wellness destination. His previous experience includes agri-business economic development, project management, logistics and managing directorships. James is a member of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit Hot Springs Initiative advisory group, based in New York. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Emma Jackson

program facilitator

Emma began her therapeutic career in 2006 by studying Massage & Reflexology at CCNM.  She developed her skills through postgraduate study in Facial Reflexology, Psych-K and Yoga.  She believes that our system has the capacity to fully heal itself from any imbalance given the right environment & aims to create for you a supportive environment that allows repair, revitalisation and reorganisation of the body & mind through massage, reflexology and yoga.

“It inspires me to see the positive changes people can make in their lives using these tools, both physically and emotionally. I believe balance is the key, especially when stress is such a predominant part of everybody’s daily life these days, to be able to take time out & recalibrate is essential.  I look forward to working with you on your health & wellness journey, helping you to thrive in your life.”

Brook Ramage

Program designer

Brook Ramage has over 25 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry, specialising in exclusive health retreats.  Previous positions include general manager at Camp Eden; founder and manager of Golden Door; and general manager at Australia’s exclusive ocean health retreat, Cabarita Ocean Health Retreat.  Brook is currently the general manager of Peninsula Hot Springs.  His approach to life is to “live a balanced life with gratitude!”

Dr Marc Cohen

Program designer

Professor Marc Cohen is one of Australia’s pioneers of integrative and holistic medicine and has made significant impacts on education, research, clinical practice and policy. He is a registered medical practitioner with degrees in western medicine, physiology and psychological medicine along with PhDs in Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering. In 2002 he became Australia’s first Professor of Complementary Medicine and Head of the Department of Complementary Medicine at RMIT University, which was by far the largest such department in the country with around 100 staff and 1000 students. He currently leads wellness research within the School of Health and Biomedical Sciences at RMIT University and serves as Program Leader for postgraduate wellness programs along with teaching undergraduate courses on Medical Diagnosis and Medical Examination.

Connect // Balance // Imagine // Align // Transform

daily schedule

6:30am // Yoga  

7:30am //  Mindfulness walk 

8:00am // Breakfast 

9:00am //  Workshops

12:00pm // Sauna & bathing 

1:00pm // Lunch

2:00pm // Sauna and bathing rituals and 60min massage

5:00pm // Yoga

6:30pm // Dinner

7:30pm // Group activity

As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is the best for you- the first time around. (Oprah Winfrey)


Escape to the South Island of New Zealand into the tranquil Lewis Pass National Reserve to find Maruia Hot Springs. Being in the middle of a National Reserve has many benefits. The drive to the location showcases the true New Zealand landscape.

Arrive and be surrounded by mountain alps, forest, waterfalls and look out over the Maruia River. If you are coming in the middle of winter don’t be surprised if you get a day of snow (this is a magical experience as you can sit in the middle of the hot springs, nice and cosy while surrounded with a fresh layer of snow)

The benefits of running a retreat at Maruia Hot Springs is its picturesque, outdoor vibe and being outdoors with fresh mountain air and nature somehow grounds and balances your sense of self.


Retreat dates:

Sunday 8th – 11th April 2018
Sunday 6th – 9th May 2018
Sunday 10th – 13th June 2018 

Corporate retreats: looking to run a corporate retreat? We have a number of options to tailor your perfect team building or promotional event. Contact us to find out more about the options and opportunities.

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Pricing // Per Person

classic  | Double Occupancy // $1,050
classic  | Single Occupancy // $1,290

deluxe | Double Occupancy // $1,250
deluxe  | Single Occupancy // $1,490

superior | Double Occupancy // $1,350
superior | Single Occupancy // $1,690

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